Yang Teng

We-Yong Teng Hardware Industry is one of Ko Ying Hardwar’s subsidiaries established in 2016.We customize wheel fasteners and provide CNC technology service to meet the requirement of our customers. We already have the IP (Intellectual Property) of the inner-square wheel nuts and obtained the data of tensile and stress testing from the SGS laboratory. Our policy is to produce products that satisfy our customers' expectations, much stronger, more safety, and more reliable. 
For different needs of automotive from customers in various industries, the CNC is applied and then combined with cold forming technology to design and produce fasteners according to each customer’s demand. We hope to work with customers in developing different automotive parts or other customized products.
These wheel screws, bolts, and nuts series are extremely rigid and sturdy. In addition to quality control, we also offer different customized models of bolts and nuts designs according to customers’ requirements.