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Ko Ying Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, supplier in Taiwan, who provides various Cam Brake, we supply high quality, competitive price and best service for our clients. Any of our products you are interested in, please contact us. 

The company policy is to ensure that you and your customers benefit from comprehensive advisory services, innovative and high quality  Cam Brake  with competitive price and on time delivery, strict adherence to deadlines and personal commitment to each and every project.

Cam Brake
Model: Motor Parts 1

P sets are our popular motor parts, and there are many different specifications for p sets. We can change the designs from customer’s drawings or samples such as P12 ~ P18, P20, P21, P25, P26, P28, P30, P31.5, P37, P43 and P45 which the length are the big different point. There are some stocks of the p sets in our warehouse. If there is any need, you can contact us. Ko Ying will keep our management policy to provide high quality and competitive prices for our customers. We will be your best choice for the fastener supplier.

Specification and designs: according to customer's drawing
Material: 1008 ~ 1022, alloy steel (s20c) (depend on customer's needs)     
Customer's technology service
Delivery time: 90 ~ 120days
Application: motor fasteners
Origin: Taiwan
Other: standard box or bag on one pellet
Shipping: partial or a container
Mold fee: on the basis of the development new productions
Sample fee: up to your quantity