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We are a technical Taiwan Motorcycle Fasteners manufacturer, factory, supplier and exporter. Depending on stable investment, superior competence and good after-sale service, we have made us as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the industry. We promise quality products and competitive price and on-time delivery for you. We have been establishing long-term business with our customers. If you are interested in any model of our products, please be free to contact us. 

Our expertise has enable us to ensure finest Motorcycle Fasteners by subjecting our products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch. We sincerely welcome all relevant friends all over the world to come for visit and cooperation! 

Motorcycle Fasteners
Model: Moto 5

The series of fasteners are our major products and they all used on motorcycle parts. Ko Ying is professional in developing special nuts, screws, or bolts, and we can help customers to develop and design new projects for the drawing or sample. Especially, We can provide different material to develop and produce special fasteners. If there is any need, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Low and high carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum steel.
  2. Mold fee: on the basis of the development new productions Sample fee up to your quantity
  3. High quality and competitive prices
  4. Delivery time: 75~100 days (up to the design and development time)
  5. Other: we can provide the other technology service ex., machining, drilling, coating, heat treatment or tapping.
  6. Origin: Taiwan
  7. Shipping: a standard box or bags/per pallet.